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About Us

We Pamper Our Saints!


The Saint Bernard Puppies Are Located In Florida.


 Breeding and Raising AKC Saint Bernard Puppies 


 My breeding experience began when I was a young adult.  I breed my first

Saint Bernard after being introduced to genetics.  Further into my education,

 I studied genetics and loved it.   I worked for a Vet and learned so much...he

was a fabulous teacher  :)


 My goal was and still is to make the breed healthier.   A healthier breed

 is a better breed!  Better for the pup and better for the ones that love them.

 I always will have saints!  I honestly believe that "once one has a Saint,

one will always have one." They are an outstanding Canine.  My friend, Teresa,

says, "there is only one dog that is deserving of the name Saint" and I do agree  :) 

My life would not be normal without Saints.  Just ask me. 


We breed the "Big Dogs", they call the "Gentle Giants."  The Saint Bernard

is more than remarkable. So many individuals love these big, fluffy

loving Saints.  


 It is not hard to understand the Saint Bernard's is the perfect family dog.

 They are wonderful with all ages.


The good breeders sacrifice so much to produce strong and high quality pets. 


 Why do we do it?   We do it because we love our Saint Bernard's

and the pups.  There is no way to adequately express why but I feel it every

time we have puppies!


We have so much pleasure and pure joy raising the pups.  Feeding every hour, endless nights,  sleeping next to the momma dogs and pups.  


We never sleep during the first weeks but cat naps unless we have a babysitter.

When we sleep and we hear a squeak and we spring out of bed.  We walk about delirious and our conversations are usually never uninterrupted. 


 Caring for my babies always comes first  


We mix puppy mush and bend over to wipe up, all night and day. 

We wash constantly and why... we love it!!!  At around 4-5 weeks when the pups are

playing and running it's fantastic. These beautiful Saint Bernard puppies are

miracles and it is worth every moment. 


When the phone rings and the voice says " I have been looking and finally, I found You",

 It's great and worth it!  We make dreams come true and what is better than that??? 

It is not only about getting a puppy.  We think so much about the puppy parents.  We 

provide as much accurate and courteous customer services as possible.   We try to answer

any and all questions that you may have.  Education, we love it.   Getting a puppy is the final stage and getting ready for a puppy is what happens during the 8 weeks of waiting  :)

We have downloads that have been written and we teach about training and

puppy behavior.  Puppy school is a wonderful thing.  I am certainly going to

speak with you about it.


Many of you will be long time lovers of the Saint Bernard.  Many of you will be getting 

your very first Saint and also the first time puppy.   For us, its so much more than getting

 a puppy.   If it were that alone then you would be going to a pet store.  


You can expect more and you get more.   Great Breeders that love their pups will try to help

you in any way and will be available.  Our individual work begins when we get the puppy questionnaire.  We want to know if a Saint Bernard is right for you.   We want to get to know you.   We then begin our file.  

We are here for you and you are welcome to call.   This is just the beginning off the long lists of services that we provide. We believe it is so important to get ready for baby.   Let us help you get ready to have a long happy life with your new beautiful, healthy Saint Bernard Puppy.   Once you get one, I promise that your life will never be the same.  IT GETS BETTER!!!


When the Thank You's are heard, it's worth staying up all night!  When a fabulous

family leaves here with a glorious puppy and they are happy, how could I ask for more?

 Loving homes for our Saint Bernard puppies is the greatest feeling.


When the Saint Bernard puppies leave with new families, we call this the bittersweet

part of breeding, raising and loving. For the individual or individuals that are getting this

new little member of the family, it's the best time. As Breeders that spend time loving,

 holding, playing, training and providing socialization for the pups it gets sad too. 

 There are tears every time!!!


It is wonderful meeting the new families that have chosen for our babies.

Jackie Rochford and puppy

Contact: Jackie


989/ 460-7960

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