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Do you want to Show, Breed or have a Companion ?

Limited Registration are for pets. 
Breeding and Show pups have a Full Registration. 
There is a price difference.

Please, let me know your intentions for your Saint Bernard puppy.  

Your puppy is your puppy, we do not require co-ownership.

Spay and Neuter Your Pets!

Breeders, just don't let two Saint Bernards breed in order to produce puppies.  

You need to know what you are doing in order to keep the health and well being of the Saint going.  It is simply not having an expectant dog and making money. 

  One would never know the work and expenses that can be involved when done safely and correctly.     

  Breeding is dedication, if you want these pups to survive.  It is weeks without much sleep.  
It is being awake to make sure these babies eat and there are no accidents.

Of course, we understand you might like to have pups.  What an experience it is!  Just talk to your Vet and learn all that you can  :) Research the breeding options and see all records before doing anything.  Call the AKC and learn.  Get Expert help!!!   

When you Adopt an Akc Saint Bernard Puppy from us

We have on the website and in the puppy contract that unless you are showing or breeding you should spay and neuter your pet.  The health of your Saint Bernard is also jeopardized by not spaying and neutering.   Unless you are showing or breeding, please read the page on spay and neuter.  Research proves how beneficial spaying and neutering is.   You will have your Saint longer because they are less likely to have problems that are accompanied by staying physically intact.

 For the health of your Saint Bernard puppy do what is right and learn all that you can.

So You Think Your Male Is A Stud?  - You Want To Have Pups?

Yes, and the weight is all on the owner of the female. If you are a responsible owner, you will not breed with everyone that calls.   You choose the Female also!   Say, you own a Male and someone calls because they want to have puppies.  Please, do the right thing and find out if they are a professional breeder or just someone that wants puppies.  If you are not sure than don't do anything until you find the answer.

Females do die when giving birth.  Pups die and that is never easy. 
There are operations needed when pups are born.   Emergencies are accompanied by astronomical Vet bills. Don't think dollar signs because it does not work that way!!! In the end the profit is small.

These boys grow to be very large.   Have you ever seen a Saint Bernard Male looking and wanting to get to his partner?  Perhaps, you should talk to your Vet about the issue.  If you have a day time job and need regular sleep, you won't get much!!!   

We understand that dreams get bigger when you have a Saint.

*  When a pup is for show, we can not guarantee that your Saint Bernard puppy will be a winner.   What this pup accomplishes is up to you the owner, the trainer and or the handler.    Read more on buying a Champion puppy here.


I am available for any question that you may have concerning your Saint Bernard puppy. Regardless of the issue, please, feel free to call.

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