Welcome to  AKC Saint Bernard Puppies

Celebrate Saint Bernards - We All Have Them - We Love Them!!!

Welcome to the AKC Saint Bernard website.
Akc Saint Bernard Puppies are featured on this website There is a little about us and alot about our Big Dogs. We want to start a "share page" and when we do not have pups to see, we want to give you something to come and share.

We are working with others to share about Saints, Saint facts, Saint Suggestions, Saint Bernard fun, Saint Bernard pictures, and Saint Bernard stories.
We will be sharing so many fun and unique things.
Please, contribute, we would love for you too!!!

Write something, I will list you will get credit as the author, of course!!!

We invite you to send in stories and photos.

We ask you to give us your best toy recommendation and your most funny story. Why you have chosen that particular name for your pup, do you have a story to tell??? Do you have a great picture of your pup, dog and or family with your Saint? Would you like to share, please, be our guest :) We are asking for you to send them in.

Saints, we are so fortunate to have them as a part of our lives. We are a breed of our own, "Saint People" that is :)

I will be happy to have a section dedicated to your Saint. Just let me know. You can add as much or as little as you like. We want a place to celebrate all Saint Bernards.

The general public is welcome to also join in the Saint Bernard fun.

Join me as we develope these new pages, again, dedicated to the Saints in all of our lives. You are the wonderful people that love Saints!

Please, note this is not an advertising page and space can not be bought. I thank you for asking though :)


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