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Waiting Lists / Puppy Deposits

    Waiting Lists       

We do not take a waiting list fee unless you definitely want a puppy.   The fee is $200.00.    

When you call, I will provide the due date for the puppies.  A deposit of $200.00 will guarentee that you will get a call from me.  It will also guarentee that you get a puppy.  This decision to put down $200.00 also helps prevent quick impulse decisions on buying a Saint Bernard puppy.  We do our best to ensure  our pups get "forever homes".

It gets really busy when pups are born.  That is why I provide the due date and ask that you call me also.   Many times, I returned calls only to find  a puppy has been purchased.  I understand sometimes, you just gotta have one now.  Please, understand, for me that leads to many unnecessary phone calls and takes a great deal of time. 
  In addition, this protects my puppies from quick decision buying.   This provides one with time to look around and see what is out there.  One hundred dollars is not much but it certainly does make a huge difference.   It shows me that one really is confident about getting a Saint Bernard puppy.    We want you to make the right choice for you! Thank you for your understanding.

Puppy Deposits
We do not take deposits until pups are born and we know they are healthy and all is well.
We ask for $500.00.   The price is determined on a puppy for a Pet or show/Breeding pup.
We accept  money orders, a bank cashiers check, cash and Walmart to Walmart transfer.     If you are picking up pup or pups they must be paid for in full before leaving. We will provide a bill of sale and that is a reciept for you.  

Any type of payment, if you do not want to  use cash, must clear the bank two weeks prior to puppies leaving.  We realize that sometimes money is not deposited into correct accounts and mistakes happen.   We believe that any error is not intentional, however, we try to avoid these problems. 

Please, understand, we can not get our pups back after they leave.
We apprecaite your understanding and cooperation.

Money orders / Cashiers Check and Cash are preferred.

Thank you for your consideration.


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