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Vaccinations -Dew Claws

   Vaccinations   -   Worming   -   Dewclaws  

Puppies have been checked by the Vet and vaccinated.
They need to get their next Vet check once home with you. Please, make your appointments, now.  The appointments should be scheduled within 72 hours of puppy leaving my home.  
Vaccinations, your doctor  will  set the schedule  for future visits. You will have the history that
 I provide to you.   The date for the future vaccinations. There are 3 vaccinations in the series .
 Some Doctors want to start series of shots over, however,

 most will follow schedule.  I would not advise starting vaccinations over.  
Ask your doctor for medical advice on over vaccinating and if ethics play a role
then he will probably
 rethink that :)

 The first vaccination is not one hundred percent protection against diseases,
 you must get the series of three.

Prevent diseases, that is why we have vaccines. In order to be effective, these vaccines
 must be given as a series.
The routine vaccination schedule will be set for you when you
see the Vet for the puppy visit.  These appointments are agreed on and set before
 your Saint Bernard Puppy arrives to his/her new home.

Ask that you get on the list to get reminders in the mail from the Animal Hospital.

I do not allow Vets to give more than one shot.   DO NOT GET A LEPTO SHOT UNTIL ATLEAST 16 WEEKS.
Always watch for adverse reactions !!! 
Keep Benadryl in your home  :)
 If you have any problems with vaccinations, call your doctor FAST.

After the puppy series of shots and Rabies, I advise getting Titers.
 Titers are test, it is when blood is drawn to test the level of antibodies to see if a
 vaccinationis needed.  

  Vaccinations are not always necessary.
DO NOT OVER VACCINATE YOU SAINT.   They can and will get sick.  Have adverse reaction and they can die.  
Check the Antibodies with Titers.

Please, this will allow your pet a healthier life, a longer life!!!

Believe me.   Always ask for "informed consent" that is what your Vet
 is not telling you.    

I am advising that after your puppy series, check antibodies with Titers.
 If vaccines usually are not needed and that will help your pet!!!
  Vaccines are causing problems and killing our pets!!!



The Dewclaws have been removed.     
 Here are a few photos that show the process.    

We have domesticated Canines. 
believe the removal of these
 are the best choice.

We trust our Doctor for the best care and advise.
Please find a Doctor that you trust!!!

Your pup has been wormed and does not have worms!
Intestinal parasites are common in puppies. Puppies can become
infected with parasites before they are born or later through their
mother's milk. The microscopic examination of a stool sample will
usually determine the presence of intestinal parasites. This exam is
highly recommended for all puppies. Deworming is 
every two weeks. It is important that it be repeated in
because the deworming medication only kills the
adult worms.
Dogs remain susceptible to
reinfection with hookworms and roundworms.

Periodic deworming
throughout the dog's life is Vet recommended for dogs who go
For the best care of your new puppy, please, always follow the Doctors vaccination and worming schedules.  My puppies have been tested and will be negative, meaning they are worm free.

***   When you get your baby home you will want to have your Vet check up within 72 hours/3 days.  
This is in the agreement.  
Your pup has been wormed every two weeks.
This is a part of the puppy adoption contract.
***  As an Adult you should worm every 3 months.

Puppies will have been wormed, vaccinated and have had their 
Dew Claws removed in most cases. Veterinarian Examinations,
A Health Certificate from Veterinarian and Micro-chipped.  
American Kennel Club Registration Papers.
 Last But Not Least Lifetime Photo Sharing and Story Telling  :) 

When pups are flying and when you pick up,
appropriate paperwork, commercial packets and books are sent to you or provided  :)


Thank you,
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