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Training, It's a must with a Big Dog!!!

       Expertise makes all the difference between getting an okay and an exceptional education. That’s why our PetSmart Accredited Pet Training Instructors complete a rigorous education in problem solving, canine ethology, genetics, behavior and learning theory, with a curriculum developed by both leading trainers and animal behaviorists. By combining these two disciplines, you’re able to first understand why your pet behaves a certain way, and then how you can take that information and teach your pet consistent, healthy behaviors using a combination of verbal cues, hand signals and positive reinforcement           

Bella took Lola to school and
they both had a great time.
  Bella and Lola brought home a diploma
 to display on the wall  :)

  • Puppy education
  • Beginner education
  • Intermediate education
  • Advanced education
  • Click-a-trick education
  • Private education
  • Personal Training Camp

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