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Saint Therapy

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We Pamper Our Saints

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Sunshine On Any Day - That's Easy!

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It's very easy to sparkle sunshine on any day.  Saints visiting as therapy, just

simply seeing a Saint is the start of lighting up someone face. They go to where

someone just needs a little extra love.

If that sounds rewarding believe me it is, not only for your therapy dog, but for

you as well.

The gift you give is one that will be remembered long after your visit is over. My

Father had to go to a Nursing Home for 3 months and he missed our Saint

Bernard,  Scarlett, terribly. We use to visit and he was than always asked, "was

that your Saint Bernard"?

The Saint Bernard is special. Just petting a Saint Bernard, makes a day more than

ordinary. If you are thinking of getting your first Saint Bernard, I can't tell you

how many times that you will be ask "is that a Saint Bernard"?

You never walk alone that is certain!!!

Your days will all be special when you spend them with your Saint!

Jackie, Happy and Daisy.
We love the parades., saint bernard puppies in michigan

We were happy to share the day! 

Thank you for visiting

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We Pamper Our Saints.



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