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AKC Saint Bernard Stud Service 

1. The price of the Akc Saint Bernard Stud Service in Michigan.  
 2. St. Bernard Stud Service Fee in Lieu of AKC Saint Bernard Puppy Pick Of The Litter


Need A Green Light On  Brucellosis
This female must be free from Brucellosis and have her current vaccinations. I must be given report from your testing Vet before breeding. 

On The Studs Grounds Or Vet
Stud service will take place on property of the AKC Saint Bernard Stud. Breeding may also take place at the Vets, thus the expense is at the visitors costs.   The female should be brought to studs premises.  There is no fee for boarding if necessary.

Information on AKC Saint Bernard Stud Dog

Breed: Saint Bernard  Call Name: _______________ Color: ________________
Registered Name: ____________________________________
AKC Registered Number: ______________________

INFORMATION ON AKC Saint Bernard Bitch

Breed: Saint Bernard   Call Name: _________________ Color: _______________
Registered Name: ______________________________
AKC Registration Number:______________________

1)    The owner(s) of stud is making the agreement with the owner(s) of said Bitch as follows:
The owner(s) of the stud is offering the AKC Saint Bernard stud service for the fee of $________.   
AKC Saint Bernard Stud Service
Meet Landscape

Landscape is our AKC St. Bernard Stud.  We are located in Michigan.

Saint Bernard Stud
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