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Life changes and we sometimes can not predict what might be. We do ask that one examines their current situation before considering purchasing one of our AKC Saint Bernard puppies. We also ask that you call us if you need assistance with relocating your Saint Bernard. This is something we will help you with, please, do not hesitate to ask!!!

Please, consider all possibilities before you get a puppy ... If you think you might become unemployed, will you be able to keep your Saint Bernard? Are you moving, will you have room? Do you want a perfect home? Do you really want a big dog?

saint bernard puppies

These cute puppies grow.

Saint Bernards are for inside not outside........they are to be free and not caged.
 No puppy should ever be scolded because he /she was never taught. 

They need to spend time and play with you

They are puppies, they chew things, they get paper and they spill water. They make messes and that has to be cleaned.

They dig holes..................please, think about your decision to purchase.

We know sometimes the unpredicted happens and we deal with it all the time.

We are happy to help because we know there are people that will love and care for your Saint Bernard. We see this alot and if you at some point are not in a position that allows you to keep your Saint, call us, we are here!

We offer relocation services and we hope that if at any time you need help that you will ask.

It is all about the dog and finding a great new home :)

Thank you,



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