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The Remarkable History of the Saint Bernard, featuring Barry.

Saint Bernards are a remarkable Breed. If you are new to Saint Bernards,
 this site will provide hours of Saint Bernard enjoyment.

Since the early 18th century, monks living in the snowy, dangerous
St. Bernard Pass—a  route through the Alps between Italy and Switzerland—had Saint
Bernards to help them on their rescue missions. The Saint Bernard recues were
needed because of snowstorms.
Over nearly 200 years, approximately 2,000 people, from
 lost children to Napoleon's soldiers have been rescued.  Saint Bernards 
 are heroic dogs' with an uncanny sense of direction and resistance to cold.
Since way back then and through much crossbreeding, the canines have
 become the domesticSt. Bernard dogs commonly seen in households today.

Barry is known as the Famous Saint Bernard Dog and was owned by the Monks.
In Barry's honor the Monks always have a Saint Bernard named Barry.


Barry the famous Saint Bernard, Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

Barry the Great Saint Bernard is the most famous Saint Bernard dog of all time.
He saved over 40 travellers lost in the snows of the Great Saint Bernard Pass in

 Travelers were brought back to the Hospice to recover.

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In 1800 a Saint Bernard puppy was born who was to acheive monumental rescue work.
 This puppy of course was  Barry, and he was responsible for saving the lives of over 40
 There are many stories associated
 with Barry and the rescues that he carried out in the Great Saint Bernard Pass.

There Statue of Barry in the Paris pet cemetery. 
Barry, The Famous Saint Bernard,, saint bernard puppies

From a young age Barry was trained by the monks of Saint Bernard Hospice to
 rescue those trapped or lost in the area of Saint Bernard Pass in the Swiss Alps.
The training that the puppies
 chosen for rescue work received involved learning how to care for victims of avalanches.
The dogs travelled in small groups looking for victims to rescue; when a person
 was found unconscious the dogs licked their face to rouse them and then one
would use his body to warm the victim while another returned to the hospice to get help.

Barry's body has been preserved at the Natural History Museum in Bern.
If you would like to read the story of The Famous Saint Bernard Barry, it is available.

The classic Saint Bernard looked very different from the St. Bernard of today.
Severe weather during the 1800's led to an increased number of avalanches
 that took the lives
of many St. Bernards. In an attempt to preserve the breed, the
 remaining St. Bernards were crossed with Newfoundlands in the 1850s.  In doing so,
the Saint Bernards  lost much of
their use as rescue dogs in the snowy climate.  They inherited
long hair that would freeze and weigh them down.

The Swiss St. Bernard Club was founded in Basel on March 15 1884.
 The St. Bernard was the very first breed entered into the Swiss Stud Book in 1884,
 and the breed standard was finally approved
 in 1888. Since that time the St. Bernard has been a Swiss
 national dog.

Barry The Bravest
    Saint Bernard

to Google for current photos and photo of Barry. Saint Bernards are displayed to show some
of the ancient photos of the incredible work this breed, the Monks and the Hospice have made possible. It is hoped that you will enjoy the history of the Saint Bernard :)

It is fascinating and wonderful how Man's Best Friend is always saving us!!!

The Saint Bernard

Foundation Barry

Saint Bernards Puppies from the 1800's

saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies in florida

A Monk, Heading out to look for travelers that might have lost there way and need aid.
The Saint Bernards power and strong smelling capability enable the rescues!

The years have evolved our Saint Bernards.
The stronger build and overall the health improvements. 

The Famous Saint Bernard Beethoven of the 1980's
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Saint Bernards -The Complete Owners Manual.
You can find all this Saint Bernard books and more at the
 Saint Bernard Store

We Breed to keep Saint Bernard Strong and Healthy = a longer life.
Forever is not long enough to have your Beloved Saint Bernard. 
For us, health is the most important!!!

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Landscape, he's too big to fit on the page!!!  The Males are massive!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of Saint Bernard Love.
Diana, my friend, also an  owner/ Breeder
sold this pup and was lucky to have this photo :)

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saint bernard puppies in florida, saint bernard puppies, saint bernard puppies for sale




We Pamper Our Saints!


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