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 Puppy Proof your home
Accidents happen, however, in most cases they can be avoided.
Give your puppy the best start and puppy proof your home and yard.
Check your fence line for escape routes.   Check for any plants that may be dangerous.   Block off areas that you do not want digging.  It's a tough job but someone has to do it.
Teach Children how to care for the puppy.  Let Children know that puppies cannot play as long as they would like.   It is important that your puppy get time out to take naps.   These little bodies need sleep to grow so big.

Do not let people put a child on the back of your Saint Bernard.  This is not funny.  It is cruel.  This can cause harm and lasting pain for your pet.

Be a responsible owner and do not leave your puppy alone.   Protect your puppy.   Be Careful about leaving your puppy with anyone that does not know how to properly take care.   

Support your puppy when holding.  Don't let them hang. 
Ask the children to sit down to hold the puppy.
Supervise and stay safe.

When holding your puppy, do not let your puppy "hang"
Support your pups bottom......recommended by everyone!

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We Pamper Our Saints!
Akc Saint Bernard Puppies

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