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Puppy Questionnaire

Puppy Questionnaire

Please, Take The Time To Fill Out The Questionnaire.
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Please, Call me also.

When pups are available it is extremely busy and voicemail gets full.  If you want a puppy, call after you fill out this form. 

Please call if you do not hear from me.  Satellite goes down with snow.
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Your Name :
State:that you live in
Do you want a Long Hair
 Or Short Hair Saint?:
Male or Female:
Have you had a BIG DOG before:


How Long Have You Wanted A Saint Bernard?:

Are You Looking For A Companion/Pet or a
Pup For Showing and or Breeding?

Do you know how big
they can get?

Have You Had A Saint Before?:

 Do You Own Other Dogs,

How Many?  
What Kind - What Ages?

Can You Offer This Pup A Forever Home?:
How Many Members Are In The Family?:
 List names and ages.
I put your names on website by your puppy  :)

Have You Ever Had To Euthanize A Pet?

Please, tell me why.:
I am sorry to have to ask
but I  must.

Are you familiar with the health problem that are related with such large dogs as the Saint Bernard?:

Do You believe in Training Pets and Socializaion?  Will you be going places and meeting people together?:

Will The Pup Be Home Alone
For Any Significant Time?:

Who Will Be Responsible For Your Saint Bernard Puppy?:

Do you have time to dedicate to
a puppy?

Do You Have A Vet? How many years have you had the same doctor? 

Please, provide me with your Vets Name and Phone number.:

Will Your Saint Stay in the home with you or be outside?

If you could not keep your puppy for any reason, would you call and ask me  for help?

Will you take your
 Saint out with you?  

Will you take your
pup to puppy school?

Do  you promise me that you will never put  your Saint  to sleep without calling me?

Would your puppy have
 a fenced yard?

Will you train your puppy?

I ask for a family photo to be sent, please. You can find my email on the link list "email us":

Our email address is on a link to the left and this picture will have to be mailed after you leave this page.
Thank you

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