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What Is Puppy Hernia?

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A hernia?

Most of the time, one cannot tell if a puppy has a true hernia until they are at least 5-6 mos old. They are almost always just delayed closures.

An umbilical hernia, if it hasn't not closed up on it's own by the time it is time to spay or neuter your puppy, then have a vet close it up at that time.   

Do I need to Mortgage my home  LOL?

Many doctors will do it free of charge or for a small fee like $25.00 as long as they are already spaying or neutering the dog. Remember they usually close on their own with time.
Once again, you can not know until 5-6 months.

Why Does This Happen?
An umbilical hernia is usually a small soft bump where your puppies umbilical cord was (their belly button) and for whatever reason the muscle failed to close up. 

 There are a couple of reasons why a puppy gets an umbilical hernia.  Sometimes the moms tend to have a harder time "cutting the cord" and will tug, pull or even chew to close to the skin or sometimes a difficult delivery and the puppy had to be pulled out.  Most breeders will not allow the mom to chew the cord as to prevent this. 

Pushing in the bump is helpful :)

Again, true inguinal hernias are rare.

Quick note on repairing hernias: One surgery at the time of the spay/neuter.

Have a Doctor that you trust, it can be said to need surgery and it is only tissue.

Don’t panic! You have not been provided with a “ bad pup from a bad breeder with a hernia”. Always check to see if the doctor is familiar with puppies.  
 Some are not and you may just have a doctor that is not familiar with pups as others  :)

When holding your puppy, do not let your puppy "hang"
Support your pups bottom......recommended by everyone!

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