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AKC SAINT BERNARD PUPPIES FOR SALE, saint bernard puppies for sale
Love   For   A   Lifetime

If the Akc Saint Bernard Puppies have been born and you want to read
 about puppy payments.  You are on the right page.

After the Saint Bernard puppies are born
 this is when we take puppy payments.  

 If we are expecting puppies or you want to be on a waiting list
 for planned puppies in the future,
please see the waiting list page. 

Sending a puppy payment will ensure that I will mark the puppy that
you want "Adopted."
The puppy will no longer be available to anyone else.

You can make a payment in full or you have the option
 to make
a partial payment.    


           ~~~~~   All Puppies must be paid for in full before leaving   ~~~~~


After pups are born

Puppy choice and adoption is on a first come first serve basis. 
This is the only fair way.

When  we have pup, you have the option to make payments if
you do not pay in full.  we ask for atleast $300 down and
weekly payments for puppies.

If you are reading this and the puppies have not been
 born...please, see the "waiting list page"

An initial deposit of at least $500.00
to mark a puppy "Adopted." 


Please, know that if you change your mind there are other families calling and are being denied your pick.  
This is not fair to the puppy or me.   This is why the deposit is non-refundable.

Please, tell us if you can no longer get a puppy,
do not let us leave a puppy "pending".

Please, be considerate of us, our time and others.  We work very hard at finding great homes for the pups and don't want to lose that for them.        
I thank you for your understanding   :)



We accept Money Orders,  bank cashiers checks,
 wire transfers and or cash.   You will get a receipt and a Bill Of Sale.
Please, no personal checks
If you are picking up pup or pups they must be paid for in
full before leaving. 

Please, do not ask me about discounts or lowering prices.  
Breeders have a small profit margin if any.   The income goes right back
into the breeding program, Vet's, materials and food.   

You have shown interest in our pups for a reason.   Our pups are great.
  If you would like a less expensive pup...they are all over the internet.
  If you want one of our pups...the
prices are not negotiable.   Thank you   :)

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation
  Thank you,

 989/ 460-7960

akc saint bernard puppie

Akc Saint Bernard Puppies
We Pamper Our Saints!

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