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The Deposit Fee $500.00. There will be no exceptions to the $500.00 deposit amount as that deposit will hold your puppy.  This will provide time for you to get the remaining balance due. Payment is full is preferable.  

Payments can be a personal check if it is local.  Payment can also be made with a Walmart to Walmart Transfer.  There are other stores that will provide Money Order services.  I need to be given the Reference number.  Please, once you get that take a picture of the receipt.   I must have that number in order to pick up the payment.  You will also want it for your records.

We do ask for prompt payment unless you make payment arrangements.   If you need payment options, please, inquire when making your initial call.     

Payments are made on a weekly or biweekly schedule. If you prefer something else just simply ask  :)

Puppies must be paid for by six weeks of age.


You are welcome to call me.   Please, call for update on prices and availability.
My number is 989/460-7960

Deposits are non-refundable.  If I hold a puppy for you and you change your mind this puppy deposit is not refunded.  This puppy has been held and has lost the opportunity to have another home.

 We do not operate as a store.  We are providing services in addition to our puppies.  
Puppies are living babies and only Breeders completely

 understand the time, work and costs. There is an incredible about of paperwork to be ordered and completed for each puppy.  We will be happy to help you with training, nutritional education and education on your Giant Breed Saint Bernard Puppy.  This is exactly why you have a breeder verses a pet store.

Sending and when Deposit Arrives 

 I do accept local checks and Walmart to Walmart transfers for payment. Walmart has proven to be the most convenient method for the majority. Money orders from
grocery stores are fine too.   I can use Publix and Winn Dixie. 


Payments, Be Considerate of puppy and others

We ask that you be considerate of us and others.  If you should 
decide you do not want a puppy or can no longer get one, please, call as 
soon as possible.   These puppy are desired by others and keeping them on 
hold takes the time away from them.  They need a forever home at 8 weeks old. 
Please, know that if you change your mind there are other families 
calling and are being denied your pick.  This is not fair to the puppy or me.
I provide a great deal of service to each family.

 We work very hard at finding great homes for the pups and
 don't want to lose that for them.   All pups are picked out based on
a first come, first pick bases.  It is the only fair way.  

 Puppy Pick up -  scheduled at 8 weeks of age

We ask that puppies be picked up according the the schedule made and 
provided to you.   If you cannot pick up puppy or need me to hold your pup,
there is a $10.00 fee per day
.  If you want to have me keep you puppy beyond the scheduled pick up time than any care for the pup/pups or Vet care per is added to the total fee.

As with most Breeders, I also have a replacement policy only.

The replacement policy is described in the puppy agreement.

The puppy agreement is on this website for you to view, ask any questions, sign 
and then send via email or bring when you pick up your puppy. 
This agreement does not stay on the website.

Please, carefully consider your circumstances before getting a puppy.
Think about how big these big dogs get.  This is a GIANT breed. 

We want forever homes!!  

AKC Saint Bernard puppies


Please, do not ask me about discounts or lowering prices.  

You have shown interest in our pups for a reason.   
Our pups are incredible in quality. 
  If you would like a less expensive pup...they are all over. 

If you have any questions than please call, me  989/460-7960

Thank you for your understanding.  We do our best to give our available
 AKC Saint Bernard puppies homes with families they will have for a lifetime.  

Yes, I provide receipts if you send a check and that check is cashed that  is a receipt.  When you get your puppy, you will be given a printed "Bill of Sale" with an original signature.  AKC registration paperwork and the Microchip registration paperwork. I am an AKC Breeder in good standing.

There are many times that papers are not delivered at the time you take your
 pup home.  I ask that you mail a self addressed envelope to me so I can send required documents to you.  All written documents will have my original signature on them.

Please, I ask that you keep up with me.  I am extremely busy when I have pups.  You will not be bothering me, never. I am always here for you  :)

Its easier to have you call me then me to try to reach everyone.  Thank you.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  Puppy Parents, you are the best and I thank you for loving us and the babies.

 Thank you,




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AKC Saint Bernard Puppies for sale In Florida.


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