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Hold your Saint Bernard Puppy with both hands. 

They can be wiggly worms and fall very easy.   As they get stronger,
 the puppies will want to go after something and possibly try to
jump out of your arms.  Hold with two hands securely.  

They can be like Wiggly Worms  :)

Always use two hand and support your pups bottom when holding
             Do not drag or let the puppy hang               .

Children and Puppies
      For many of you, this may be your first Saint Bernard puppy.   For many children this
might be their first puppy.   Don't  just think your children instinctively know to
support a pups bottom.
Please, for the safety of the puppies, have your children sit on the
floor when holding the pup with both hands.
These pups are heavy and accidents happen.

Once a puppy has fallen and has been hurt, you can not undo that.

Please, supervise your children and teach them how to treat
 the puppy.

 Now, is a great time to teach children how to be responsible
for their puppy.

Being Careful always applies, however, stairs also a place for need precautions.
I have a friend and a pup was taken home, dropped and fell
down the stairs. After repeated trips to the Neurologist and
thousands of dollars, they could not save the dog that they loved.

 Please use caution when holding the pups and supervise until
the whole family knows what the new family member needs.
Also Baby Gate to prevent access to stairs. 

Don't forget proper Baby Gates like this on shown  :)


They are irreplaceable!!!

Thank you,


We Pamper Our Saint Bernard Puppies



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