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989/ 460-7960

Who's watching your Vet, no one!
You and your Vet work together, if you don't than get another Vet.  
 If he/she is not listening to you than get another one.   Remember, you know your Saint Bernard better than anyone.

If you are in doubt, call me 989/460-7960  
I am here for you!!!
In your contract, it states that you will call before you agree to surgery, this is not because I have a right to your pet, it is so that you will have someone that had heard all these stories before. 

  Too often we see doctors acting to fast and making wrong decisions.

 This advice and info is to help, not because we know it all, I certainly don't.   I have seen too many bad outcomes . 

I want to help prevent heartache.

Below, please find some useful numbers. 
Use them, they are for you to help    :)

UF Small Animal Hospital
For Your Saint Bernard Puppies and Saint Bernard Dogs

Emergencies – (352) 392-2235

The UF Small Animal Hospital is open for emergency patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
. Your pet can be referred by your primary care veterinarian or you may come without a referral. Please call (352) 392-2235 if you have an emergency. After 5pm Monday-Friday, on weekends, and on holidays your call will be forwarded to the emergency clinician on duty or an ICU technician.

Emergencies are received at the Primary Care and Emergency entrance; there is ample parking adjacent to the building to your right. Once you arrive your pet will be transported to our intensive care unit, stabilized, and evaluated. You will then be provided with an initial diagnostic and treatment plan, and an initial cost estimate. We require a deposit equal to 75% of the cost estimate for all hospitalized patients. You and your primary care veterinarian will be updated daily and upon any changes in your pet’s condition.

Our Story

We Went To The University Of Florida Vet School - University of Florida did great work for us. It did not cost me as much as it would have if I had stayed with my Vet and then the Emergency Vet every night. I was on my knees, exhausted and sick with worry, spending a fortune and they were all guessing.

The first time I went to the Emergency Vet, I had to walk out. They wanted me to sit and wait. I called the doctor and she informed me that a cat needed hairball meds...............I told her my pup was dying and couldn't wait. It was easy to evaluate the ergency.

Finally, I found a Vet that could help and then I went to the University. They do it just like they say. They will stay for you, wait for you or come in just for you and your pet. They tell you what is happening, and then give you a figure and you say yes or no. Fortunately, today, I can say, they did a great job and did call everyday and talked with me or left a details message. I have never seen animals being treated with respect and honor as my pet at the University of Florida.

If you need help they will not deny you and your pet is not going to be alone in a cage or dark room.

If you would like to speak to me about your pet.............please call me.

Also closer to home, the last time I knew, these doctors where from UOF check that out before you go though.

Florida Veterinary Medical Association
7131 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, Florida 32809-5738
(407) 851-3862 Phone
(800) 992-3862 Toll Free
(407) 240-3710 Fax

Florida Animal Control Association
(866) 303-3222
Fax (813) 968-3597

Animal Poison Hotline
(888) 426-4435

Florida Board of Pharmacy (Complaints)
(850) 245-4292

Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine
(850) 487-1395

FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine
(888) 332-8387

Humane Society of U.S - Tallahassee
(850) 386-3435

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center
(888) 426-4435

Grief Program Hotline (U of FL CVM)
(352) 294-4430


Thank you,
akc saint berrnard puppies for sale in michigan,

989/ 460-7960





Mobile Vet

Establish yourself and your Saint with a Mobile Vet.
If you need them than they come to you!

A Saint can be really heavy!!!
You always want a second Vet anyway.


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