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Saint Bernard Puppies In Florida 989/ 460-7960
We Have Puppies.  Please, Call  Jackie
Thank you for visiting our website AkcSaintBernardPuppies.
We are very pleased to announce our upcoming litter.

We ask that you take the time to become familiar with this site.  So much information 
is here for you.  I  have worked many hours to educate and inform.   Many questions are 
answered here.   Sometimes, especially, when I have pups learning from the site 
is quicker.  I have no set schedule when I have pups.   You are always welcomed to call.
Exquisite quality, in health and appearance.
A Breeder that you can depend on.

 We are now accepting payments to reserve puppies.  There will
only be so many puppies available.   
There is a $300.00 fee
to reserve a puppy.  We ask for prompt payment when possible,
however, we do offer payment plans.

 Boulder and Porsche
Smooth Coat pups (Short). They will have the black outline which is referred to as mapping.
We will annouce the type of coat.

We will accept Deposits of $500 and set
up payments plan if necessary.   We do prefer payment in full for pups.
Please, check on the puppy questionnaire.
I need that for your request to be completed.
Thank you.
Call me if you need assistance.

Landscape and Bailey
 Rough Coat pups (Long).
They will have the black outline (mapping).

All Rough Coats
Those who have reserved a pup
Karen - Female
Amy -  Male 
Ken - Male 
Please, check on the puppy questionnaire.
I need that for your request to be completed.
Thank you.
Call me if you need assistance.

Porsche and Boulder Pups

saint bernard puppies for sale in florida
Rough - Long


Francene is giving this beautiful boy a home.  
His name is Twinkle.

akc saint bernard puppies for sale in florida
smoothe - Short Coat

saint bernard puppies for sale in florida
Rough - Long Coat


Please, call me, to place a Deposit or Reserve your saint bernard puppy!!!

We Are Located In Florida and will ship a puppy to you.
If you are interested in one of our pups, please, fill our a puppy questionnaire.

AKC Saint Bernard Puppies - We Want Forever Homes 
Jackie 989/ 460-7960 
Saint Bernard Puppies for sale in Florida.
Please, call for updates on all pups and information :) 
   Please, call for more information. I will be happy to answer
 any questions that you may have

Jackie, Akc Saint Bernard Puppies For Sale In Florida!!!

Jackie 989-460-7960
Located in Florida.

 Picking up puppies. 
Puppies are ready for pickup at 8 weeks.  Our policy is to charge
$10.00 per day to keep pup after scheeduled pickup time unless you are traveling to
get here from out of state.

 We make appointments for pickups. Picking up is only available to take place in the afternoon.
We have Big Dogs to care for.  All of the puppies must be taken care of too.
Unless, you are checking out of a hotel, please, 
remember, the morning is one of the most busy part of our day here.
We appreciate your understanding.

Please, read over the site.  There is so much information and many of
your questions will be answered.

AKC papers, microchip papers and will include, a  Bill of Sale that 
must have an original

Puppies will have Dewclaws removed, vaccinations, Bordetella.  Microchips, 
free of parasites.  Health Exam and they are given a Health Certificate from 
a licensed Veternarian.  We also provide a Health Guarentee.

Your paper work will include a bill of sale with original signature,

Akc Registration papers and Microchip papers. 

Get the NuVet and NuJoint ordered and sign up for puppy school.
Use and Exercise pen and not a create for your puppy if you will be gone 
for more than three hours.    

Order NuVet and NuJoint
They cannot be bought in stores. When using a premium food 
NuVet is not a must but it does not hurt.  NuJoint, that is an absolute must.
We will go over all the needs and care for your new Saint Bernard Puppy.

Please, order today.  I require these to be given.  All puppies are born with normal joints.  

It is the environment more than hereditary that causes problems for pups and grown dogs.  

Keep in  mind that they type of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle plays the biggest role in

developing problems.  Take the precaution and give these joint supplements.  Saint Bernard are

You have a healthy puppy and healthy joints.   Be cautious with the pups activity.
Its is not only my recommendation that you use joint supplements it is the advice of every Veterinarian that is familiar with Giant Breed dogs.  Be
smart and protect them.  Giants dogs need
 to have joint supplements NuJoint and we think the NuVet is great too.

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Food with what your puppy will be eating. 

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