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AKC Saint Bernard Puppies - We Pamper Our Saints
Our AKC Saint Bernard puppies have been born into a loving home. Our Saint Bernard pups are our babies.  We socialize them and they are loved so very much.  When you meet us and our pups, you will see how we love and care for our babies! 

We want all of our Saint Bernard puppies to have the kind of attention and love throughout their lives that they begin with! We want our pups to go to homes that will keep it all going for them!  Please, choose one of our pups only if you can spoil
them, pamper them, indulge them, show them off and love them for their lifetime.

Saint Bernards give endless devotion, loyalty and friendship. Anyone who has ever loved a Saint Bernard dog can attest to the loving rewards of the unique Saint Bernard.  The large, beautiful, heavy Saint Bernard head nestled
in one's lap is thought to be pure joy!  Saint Bernards think they are lap dogs and nothing is better than that :)  There are so many rewards of being a Saint Bernard owner.  

The joy that comes with being an
owner of any pup has it's delights and heartwarming stories. The joy of owning a Saint is remarkable and they are so unique to so many.  Don't we love it when our pets get attention, they are happy for it and we feel great for them.  If you are new to Saint Bernards, this all might not make sense.  After you have owned one, I can promise that it
will make perfect sense.  Saint Bernards transform humans into "Saint People."

Many of us share the experience of having a Saint Bernard in our lives.  Any time that we go anywhere, people ask us all (how many times?) "is that a Saint Bernard?"  I am still not sure if they know or if it is because they can't believe it.  My last two thoughts, regarding the most superior dog that I know is that they will never let you down. 

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Owning a dog is not just a privilege - it's a responsibility. These animals depend on us for, at minimum, food and shelter.   They deserve so very much more and we want them to have it all.  They give us themselves and they give completely! They live for us and we are their lives! It is up to us as human beings to take the responsibility for our pets.  

These pups are meant to be part of your family. This is the environment in which we raise and love our Saints. If you are considering bringing a Saint Bernard puppy into your life, please, think seriously about the commitment your ownership entails. Please, be a Responsible Dog Owner.

Every puppy has a unique personality and disposition. They are brand new and in eight short weeks they will go to a new family. We want our babies to start their new life with the family they will love and live with for their entire lifetime.  

If you know the Saint Bernard breed is "right" for you than you have come to
the right place for AKC Saint Bernard Puppies. 

The puppies are sleeping but you can get a
 peek when you click on this link   :) 
                                              Pups Here

We promise healthy and socialized Saint Bernard Puppies and we provide you with a medical history record.  We also  provide a health certificate, a health guarantee, along with AKC paperwork..

We ask that you love and care for your Saint Bernard puppy. Treat them as a treasured member of the family and call us if you need any assistance. 

Send us emails and photos, at least at Christmas time and let us know how your family is doing  :)  Why, because we love our babies.  If it's ok with you, we want to include you all on the website with the  AKC Saint Bernard Puppies.

Thank you for visiting "AKC SAINT BERNARD PUPPIES" located on the web at
We Pamper Our Saints!

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