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It's All About Love

If you are looking for an AKC Saint Bernard puppy, you have come to a great place.  We raise healthy and beautiful AKC Saint Bernard puppies.   All Saint Bernards are not created equal. 

Health matters most!!!   Health matters most because a healthy pup grows into a healthy Big Dog.  The health is what is going to determine the quality of life or your pup and the  length of time in which you will have your Saint. 

We begin with great genes

We do our best to place our pups with families that provide overwhelming love  and make our pups a family member in a forever home. 

  Please, consider your current situation before you get a new puppy. Everyone it at a loss if you have to give up your Saint.  The Saint Bernard Puppy is the one that loses the most.  How sad when people are not responsible.   

During the adoption process, I will ask about the level of comfort and care that you can provide.  I may make the decision that I do not believe one of my pups is the best choice for you.   Please, do not be offended.  It may be due to a situation that is temporary. 
I must protect the pups.   Being a good breeder does not mean only breeding good dogs, it also means being responsible for the pups that I help bring into this world.   I care about my babies welfare their entire life.   

Please, see the Available puppies on the AKC Saint Bernard Puppies page,
We are looking for loving, FOREVER homes.

If I do not have pups or the one that is right for you. 
Please, ask me, if I know of a Breeder that does. Don't go out on a Wild Saint Bernard
 Goose Chase, it probably will not pay off!!! 

Located in Florida - We Ship

All pickup are by a preset appointment in the afternoons.
  Thank you for your understanding.
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